The Story of the Pre-Formed Loop

One of the most crucial components in proper gate system function is loop design, layout and installation. Part of the challenge was that we would often get calls requesting loops to be installed with very little prior notice, and often with varying sizes and lengths of leads. To deal with this issue we decided to manufacture and inventory loops in several assorted sizes and with a selection of loop lead lengths. Over time, we evolved a manufacturing method that enabled us to create quality loops that would easily withstand both the rigors of the installation process and significant climate changes. During this process we also found a way to make our loops with no splices in either the loops or the leads. We knew that if this experience was a challenge for us, then others would benefit from the use of our “pre-formed” design as well - thus, the birth of our “Pre-Formed Loops”. In over two decades of producing these pre-formed loops we've never had a single failure!

As our business and reputation continued to grow, we found ourselves servicing a broader range of products, including those found in the access control and parking industries. In the parking industry, amongst the most frequent issues requiring maintenance or service was the replacement of damaged barrier gate arms. There was a real need to both reduce the repair costs and to minimize the revenue loss while the gates were not functioning. We felt that the ideal solution was to allow for some degree of quick self repair. By utilizing some of the same approaches in the parking industry that we had found to be successful in the automatic gate industry, we quickly developed an adapter bracket and a line of barrier gate arms that would provide cost effective repairs. In many cases, our products would allow for the continued use of the damaged equipment until the final repair could be made thus continuing the access control and revenue to the parking facility.

Within the urban areas of California parking is at a premium. Producing, maintaining and increasing revenue and revenue controls helps our clients improve their businesses. Our Quick Fold Gates can produce additional revenue from increased parking availability. At the same time we help reduce maintenance costs associated with the alternative choice of roll up or tilt up gates. Both of these latter options were a source of constant maintenance as well as created noise and vibration that disrupted the tenants above. Our ingenious Quick Fold design addresses all these concerns.

Over the years we noticed that mounting costs of labor, maintenance and vandalism had created some new challenges. Our most recent product introduction, the X-2 Vehicle Gate System addresses all these issues. The X-2 is the only fully self contained commercial swing gate operator in the industry. "You just bolt it down, hang your gate, hook up the electric and your done!". Be sure to view the video on this site to experience some of the benefits of the X-2 and the Quick Fold Gate System when used together.

We will continue to introduce innovative products to reduce costs, increase security, control access while enhancing aesthetics. You can look to Advantage Gate Products to be a service oriented customer focused supplier. Please contact us for any information you need on our products. If you are a distributor interested in representing our line please e-mail us at