Barrier Gate Arms & Adapters

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These adapters are virtually indestructible and should never need replacing.

AGP manufactures a complete line of PVC arms for barrier gate operators — a cost effective replacement for traditional arms. Our PVC gates come in a variety of stripe colors and configurations. We even offer the ability to customize arms with special messages such as "Welcome to ABC Villas" or "6' 8" Clearance."

These rugged PVC barrier arms can often be re-used after contact with a vehicle. This provides continued functioning and reduces revenue loss due to downtime. Our Gate Arm Adapter is designed to fit most gates that currently use wooden or aluminum arms. 

We offer the industry's largest selection of lengths in 8', 10', 12' and 15.' For lengths greater than 10', we include our exclusive galvanized metal structural insert to increase strength, stability, serviceability and useful life. This insert is available as an upgrade to 8' and 10' arms.  A 2-piece folding solution is available in 10' and 12' for facilities with lowered headroom (Folding arm assembly required and must be purchased separately).

Download the Barrier Gate Arms & Adapters PDF