X2 Advantage Vehicle Gate System

The X2 Vehicle Gate System is the only completely self-contained commercial swing gate operator on the market today. The beautiful, yet strong, custom engineered housing serves as the hinge post for the gate itself! The self-contained design significantly enhances overall security and eliminates the need for protective bollards. The "post containment" design allows the operator to blend in with the entire gate design. Within the secure housing of the X2 are extra heavy duty "pillow block" gate hinges, a powerful hydraulic motor, a custom hydraulic pump and state of the art electronic controls. This product incorporates the superior components needed for demanding environments.

All the X2's internal components have been industry proven. Parts, if ever necessary, are widely available through almost any local distributor. Additionally, there are minimal moving parts making for a very quiet, relatively maintenance-free system.

The exclusive design gives the installing dealer a competitive advantage by significantly reducing installation time. You literally bolt down the X2, attach the gate, hook up the electric and you're done! This operator is engineered to accommodate most any gate sizes and weights. Some of the additional features of the X2 include built-in photo beams, soft start / stop and convenient manual release. The X2 comes in standard powder coat black, but custom colors and materials are available.

When you think "out of the box" it goes into the post

In over 3 decades of installing, repairing and servicing gate systems the most important thing we learned is how to listen to customers. One thing end users were looking for was a gate operator that didn't take up much space. The "big box" of an operator that sat next to the gate was ugly, often vandalized, and frequently hit by vehicles. Expanded metal cages and bollards solved some of these problems yet made the property even less attractive. They also wanted an operator that was powerful yet quiet, with quality components that were ultra-reliable and inexpensive to operate and maintain.

The installation teams wanted an operator that was easy to install, did not require call backs, their customers found aesthetically pleasing and got them referrals. They also wanted to work with components that they were familiar with, were already performance proven, easily accessible for easy programming with great availability of parts to quickly address any future service. We were challenged to find a solution that met both the customer and installer desires. The X2 is that solution.

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Multi-Family residential application of the X2. 

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