Why Select the Quick-Fold Folding Gate System?

The Challenging Facility

In many commercial situations, especially subterranean garages, space is at a premium. Help your customer realize the extra revenue that can be generated (when used in paid parking applications) with this great product design. In addition, many of these areas have very little headroom due to low ceiling height. The traditional solution had been the use of "tilt up" garage style doors or roll up curtains / doors. The primitive tilt up style has been significantly re-engineered for the residential market, but not commercially. Roll up doors / curtains seem to be a good answer, but are not designed for high use applications. These doors were meant to be opened in the morning and closed in the evening like that of a warehouse receiving door.

The "Tilt-Up" partial fix

The tilt up door is based on "spring" technology. These doors require constant adjustment and maintenance. If the spring's tension is not set correctly, the strain on the motor will significantly reduce its expected life. As the springs age, this fine tuning becomes a constant service item. These doors also need to be ceiling mounted. The noise and vibration these units produced were a constant annoyance through the floors affecting the tenants above.

The "roll up" misfit

Roll up doors / curtains are designed for minimal use facilities. Open in the morning and closed in the evening is the primary functionality. The problem is is that they've found their way into high volume facilities due to their low initial cost. When installed in this type of facility, the upkeep and maintenance could cost thousands of dollars each year, not to mention the repeated annoyance and displeasure with (out of) service down-times. The panel construction design also minimizes design options, large openings are problematic and there are size and weight restrictions. Imagine the displeasure of your tenants each time "their" system is not working properly.